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Away from the daily chores in the workplace, your life is busy and filled with uncertainty. We want to help you to bring back the calm and peace of mind in your life knowing that your family is secure and protected in an ever-changing and uncertain world. Most of us depend on transportation daily to our workplace, taking children to school, social activities and other obligations.

Your automobile is something that you may take for granted but the insurance that you need to protect you in this uncertain and litigious world is not something you should take for granted. At Alliance Insurance, we want to help you manage the risks you face. Your auto insurance, when not properly understood or poorly chosen, can adversely impact your financial and emotional stability for life.

Adequate liability and physical damage coverage are a necessity. Your properly trained and caring insurance agent can make a big difference in explaining “Why” you are making the coverage decisions you make and ultimately in your contentment at the time of the claim.

Your homeowners insurance is not only for the commonly thought of things like fire, lightning, water losses or theft claims but includes protection to ensure that in the event of a total loss, your policy has the necessary and ample limits of coverage to rebuild your “old” home to comply with the “new” building codes and put you back where you were before the loss.

A “slip & fall” on your premises by a guest can cause a lawsuit that creates fear, anxiety and uncertainty as well as thousands of dollars in legal defense fees in addition to a court award against you. Additionally, protecting yourself against flood and rising water claims, excess liability claims, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, etc. are all risks that you need to evaluate and understand before you settle for just “any insurance agent”.

Call Alliance Insurance today and talk to one of your caring and professional insurance agents. We believe you’ll notice the difference. Our current testimonials will help you in making your decision.


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