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We at Alliance understand your need for information. As experienced insurance agents, we know that your need for flood insurance is often overlooked. Most people believe that, as Florida residents, Flood zones are limited to geographical areas.

The reality is that all of Florida is a flood zone.

Your risk is identified as either "high" being in a "Special Flood Hazard Zone" or "low-to-moderate" being in a "Non special Flood Hazard Zone."

Nearly 20% of flood insurance claims come from "low-to moderate" risk areas.

A typical flood loss with water entering the home through rising waters from outside would affect all your carpeting, hardwood flooring, baseboard trim, door trim, drywall, kitchen and bathroom base ca

binets, appliances, etc.

Flood insurance protects your valuables from rising waters. Many people find out too late that they are at risk for flooding, and even worse that their property insurance does not cover flood damage.

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