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Condominium Association Insurance

At Alliance Insurance, we are

experts in protecting you and your Condominium Association. Insuring a Condominium Association is different than insuring a home or a commercial non-residential structure.

At Alliance Insurance, we specialize in risk management and insurance programs for Condominium and Homeowners Associations. We understand the importance of knowing Florida’s unique insurance environment and condominium law in order to develop a customized program for our valued Association clients.

Our experienced team has access to all the best markets to get you the best value for your insurance dollar. We know the impact that insurance costs have on community association budgets and work hard to keep pricing low while delivering exceptional coverage.

Our commitment to superior service goes beyond the point of sale providing assistance with claims handling, budget forecasting, disaster planning, loss control and educational seminars. These are just some of the value-added services you can expect to receive from our association experts at Alliance Insurance.

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