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Why Should You Choose Alliance Insurance?

Alliance Insurance provides both auto and home insurance to Sarasota residents. We believe in protecting our clients regardless of who’s at fault. Our experienced claims representatives know how to handle your needs after an accident or claim. When writing new auto policies, we ensure our clients are protected with the right amount of coverage. We’ll never recommend something that a client doesn’t need to protect themselves.

In the event of a claim, our clients are often protected in all situations. Alliance Insurance takes care of clients by protecting themselves, their property, and their loved ones. We’ll take care of the other party in an accident in the event that our insured is at fault for causing the accident. Either way, we believe in protecting consumers when they need protection the most, and we’re committed to providing incredible service.

Auto claims are often complicated and sticky situations. Nobody likes dealing with a claim after an accident. For the best results, Alliance Insurance takes charge after a claim is filed, taking care of every person involved in the claim. Our clients never have to worry about whether they’re covered or not because we’re committed to protecting them with the best insurance coverage available.

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