Commercial Insurance

If you own a business, then you’re going to want to invest in commercial insurance offered by Alliance Insurance We will discuss what the policy covers and how you can make changes when they are needed. Most policies of this nature cover everything from structural damage to injuries that might occur involving a customer or an employee. It’s important to have insurance that covers the business so that you don’t have to pay for damages or any kind of lawsuit that might arise out of your pocket or from any money that is a part of the business in itself.

Are you prepared?

Florida is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. These storms can cause people to lose everything that they have. Fortunately, if you have home insurance and commercial insurance, then your assets will be protected. If your assets are damaged, then you will be able to file a claim. You will be able to get compensated for your lost assets.

It is also important for you to have auto insurance. If your car is damaged by a hurricane, then you will be able to get it repaired or replaced. You can contact Alliance Insurance if you are in need of auto, commercial or home insurance.

Are you covered by flood insurance? Most Hurricane Harvey victims were not – don’t be left with catastrophic damage and no insurance to protect you…

Are you covered by flood insurance? Most Hurricane Harvey victims were not – don’t be left with catastrophic damage and no insurance to protect you…

There are many Homeowners suffering flood damage from Harvey than anyone could image and most are going to be left responsible for the repairs and rebuilding that they will need to live in their homes because they were not protected by flood insurance. Did you know just living on the coast of Southwest Florida you are at a high risk of being flooded from major storms and that these floods are not covered under your standard home insurance policies and hurricane coverage. That’s right – flood related losses are not standard coverage for your home and businesses. “Insurance experts say only a small fraction of homeowners in Harvey’s path of destruction have flood insurance. That means families with flooded basements, soaked furniture and water-damaged walls will have to dig deep into their pockets or take on more debt to fix up their homes. Some may be forced to sell, if they can, and leave their communities. (per USA Today)” Take time to review your policies and if you are NOT covered by flood insurance, contact us at Alliance Insurance of Sarasota and let us review your options for you – being safe and take precautions is the best way to ensure your future and your home are protected in the event of a weather related catastrophe.

Hurricane’s are nothing to mess around with

Seeing the aftermath of Harvey is a reminder of just how important it is to have hurricane coverage as part of your insurance policy. Hurricanes can strike with little warning and can cause severe damage to your home, as well as anything in it. Florida is a state that has experienced many hurricanes and other types of severe weather, especially in the Sarasota area. Once a hurricane has passed, you may find that the costs of repairing the damage to your home and remediating it to its pre-hurricane condition can be substantial. You’ll want to have a home insurance policy that covers the extent of the damage and lets you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Businesses can also be greatly affected by a hurricane. Even if your premises have only suffered minor damage, a hurricane can force you to shut down your operations for an extended period of time. Without the right insurance to protect you against business interruptions, this could result in substantial losses. Alliance Insurance provides a variety of insurance products, including auto insurance and commercial insurance, to meet the needs of individuals and business owners all throughout Sarasota and the surrounding area.

Please check with your local red cross and see how you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the State of Texas by donating blood and household items that are greatly needed!

Anything can happen

No one likes to think about all of the catastrophic things that can potentially happen. Fortunately, it will be a lot easier to deal with the financial aftermath of a disaster if you have a home insurance policy, commercial insurance policy and auto insurance policy. It is important to remember that every home insurance policy is not the same.

You need to make sure that you select the home insurance coverage that is right for you. If you are in need of home insurance, then you can contact Alliance Insurance. We can help you compare and contrast different insurance policies.

What you should do if you are involved in an automobile accident

There is a reason that Florida and most other states make you carry auto insurance. It’s actually not to protect you; it’s to protect other drivers in case you cause an accident. If you are involved in an accident, whether you believe it’s your fault or not, there are some steps you need to follow.

The first thing you should do if you are involved in a car accident is to make sure everyone is OK. This includes the occupants of your car as well as the other car. If someone is injured, you should call 911 right away.

If no one is injured, you should exchange information with the other driver. If the crash occurs on a public roadway, you should call the police. Take pictures of the damage to your car and the other drivers car.

Once you have spoken to police, you should call your insurance company to initiate a claim. The insurer may ask you for any information you received from the police so it can get a copy of the accident report. From there, your insurance company will work on your claim and determine any payout or assist with problems that might arise along the way.

If you are looking auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance or other coverage, check with Alliance Insurance of Sarasota to find the best deal www.allianceinsurancesrq.com

Its Hurricane Season, Time to Protect Your Family and Property

Its Hurricane Season, Time to Protect Your Family and Property

Atlantic ocean hurricane season runs from June 1st- November 30 and hurricanes of years past have left entire states in a state of emergency, but have served to teach the importance of protecting property through home, auto and commercial insurance. Business owners, in particular, have a duty to protect their offices, employees, property and work product. Most importantly, though, they need to protect their home and family. Mother Nature has a mind and temperament of her own, and in the wake of severe weather, homeowner’s insurance with added flood protection can help to bridge the financial gap when a home or business is impacted by inclement weather. Some things can wait when warnings of bad weather are issued and in that case it is important to heed those warnings to protect yourself and your family, but binding insurance cannot wait. Call your agent or investigate your options online now and protect your home during this tumultuous season and don’t forget you must have a policy in place BEFORE the storm becomes active near the area!

Auto insurance is one of the most important insurance coverages you can have. Not only is it required by law in almost every state, it also is necessary to protect you, your passengers and your car.

The various parts of auto insurance cover different things. Liability insurance, which is the minimum required in most states, pays for damage you cause to another driver in an accident that is your fault. It’s important you have enough liability coverage so that you don’t face a lawsuit over unpaid costs. Collision coverage pays for damage to your car caused in a crash that’s not covered by another driver’s insurance. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your car caused by things such as hail or fire. Medical and personal injury coverage cover your passengers and other drivers for injuries caused in the crash.

Having adequate coverage helps to ensure that you and your passengers are protected and that you have the financial coverage to not have to worry about not getting your repairs covered. Allied Insurance can help you not only with your Florida auto insurance needs but also with home insurance and commercial insurance policies as well.

Alliance Insurance Offers Auto, Home and Commercial Insurance

In addition to providing auto insurance, Alliance Insurance in Sarasota, Fla., offers home insurance to protect you financially when a hurricane damages your property. Our agents want to verify that your home is fully protected for a variety of hurricane damage problems, including electrical surges or wind and water damage. A hurricane can occur at anytime in Florida, and when you don’t have the proper insurance coverage for your condominium or house, you could experience devastating financial losses. The strong winds and torrential rains from a hurricane can damage the inside or outside of your home, requiring extensive repairs.

Contact an Alliance Insurance Agent to Update Your Hurricane Coverage

If you own a business in Florida, then it is imperative to have commercial insurance coverage for hurricane damages. An electrical surge during a hurricane can destroy your office equipment and machinery, making it impossible to operate a business. The cost of replacing computers and fax machines after an electrical power surge can destroy your company. An agent who works for Alliance Insurance can visit your business to determine what type of coverage is required for protecting your investment in complex machinery.

A/C Help

Home insurance, motorcycle insurance, auto insurance and commercial insurance are all extremely important. Insurance provides you with coverage that will greatly benefit you if a disaster occurs. However, it is important to remember that everyone’s insurance needs are different. That is why you will need to speak with your agent on a regular basis.

Changes in your life can also cause your insurance needs to change. For example, if you have a teenage driver, then you may need a different auto insurance policy. Your agent will select a policy that not only fits your needs, but you will also be able to select one that fits your budget.

If you are need of a policy review or would just like the peace of mind to ensure that you are covered in case of theft or an accident, contact our office. We would be happy to help you ensure you have adequate coverage!